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Neologisms in Lakóta (Western Sioux) and ...

Band 83: Netzel, Rebecca (2007): Neologisms in Lakóta (Western Sioux) and Modern Dictionary of the Lakóta Language: Lakóta - English - Spanish - German - French - Italian
ISBN 978-3-88476-908-9, EUR 30,00, CD-ROM

This book gives a detailed analysis on neologisms in Lakóta, based on a corpus (vocabulary within the field of modern life, new technologies and institutions) and on-site field work. It can be used as a concise dictionary Lakóta – English and vice versa, as both lists of neologisms work as complementary parts. Additionally, this book offers an exhaustive appendix that contains an extra dictionary Lakóta - English - Spanish - German - French - Italian.



How to use this book/Abbreviation list p. 3


Part I

1. Instead of an Introduction: a lecture held on Lakóta p. 5

2. Linguistic facts p. 28

2.1. Traditional Lakóta vocabulary: terminology of the range of

spirituality (the sixteen aspects of Wakán Tánka) p. 31

2.1.1. The sixteen aspects of Wakán Tánka (vocabulary) p. 37

2.1.2. Lakól Wicoh’an kin/Cankú Lúta (vocabulary) p. 40

2.2. Modern Lakóta vocabulary: neologisms (technological and

social innovations, modern everyday life, science) p. 45

2.3. Anglicisms in Lakóta p. 406

2.3.1. List of Anglicisms p. 410

2.4. List of neologisms English – Lakóta p. 413

3. Conclusion p. 424

4. Bibliography p. 440


Part II

Lakóta dictionary:

Lakóta/English/Spanish/German/French/Italian p. 449


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