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Animal Nation and Plant Nation

Band 106: Rebecca Netzel (2007):

Animal Nation and Plant Nation – A Field Guide for Lakóta Children

and for all those adults who still care about Creation

ISBN 978-88476-954-4, EUR 30,00, CD-ROM


This book unites the correct scientific descriptions of a Field Guide with the spiritual and mythological background of the Lakóta and their ceremonies. The names of the animals and plants included in this book are also offered both in Lakótiya (Lakóta Language) and in Wašícuya (English, German and Spanish). In addition to this, the book offers valuable insights into ecology and environmental context. This Field Guide is dedicated to the Lakóta Youth, above all to the children who attend Lakóta schools. This book has also been written for visitors of the Great Plains area, such as ornithologists, zoologists and botanists, or interested tourists. It includes a small dictionary (Lakóta – English / English – Lakóta) of the names of the animals and plants.

336 pp., 216 fig.

Illustrations: © Rebecca Netzel


Table of contents

0. Preface p. 5

1. Wamákaškaŋ Oyáte – Animal Nation p. 8

1.1. Wahútopa – Four-legged People (Furry Animals) p. 8

1.2. Kiŋyáŋpi – Winged People (Hupáhu Okíŋyaŋ Oyáte) – Birds p.48

1.3. Zuzéca, Waslóhan – Reptiles (Snakes, Turtles, Lizards, and

others) p. 133

1.4. Hogáŋ – Fish and other aquatic animals p. 145

1.5. Wablúška – Insects (Butterflies, Beetles and others), Spiders ,

and other Invertebrates p. 154

2. Pejúta Oyáte – Plant Nation p. 176

2.1. Oyáte Nájiŋ – Standing People: Caŋ – Trees and bushes p. 176

2.2. Caŋhlógaŋ – Shrubs and shrublike flowers p. 191

2.3. Pejúta – Herbs (pejúta, pejí, wahpé) p. 221

2.4. Wahcá – Flowers p. 257

2.5. Wóyute: Waskúyeca na Watóto – Edible Plants:

Fruits and Vegetables p. 278

3. Afterword p. 294

4. Bibliography p. 296

5. Glossary of animal and plant names

(Dictionary Lakóta – English / English – Lakóta)

5.1. Basic vocabulary p. 300

5.2. Index of Lakóta names (dictionary) p. 303

6. Index of illustrations/color portraits (identification guide) p. 340




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